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         Josslyn Blackwell is a Spiritual Catalyst, Activist, Public Speaker, Spiritual Coach & Tarot Reader and has dedicated her life to waking up the masses and increasing the vibrational consciousness in the world as a whole.  Starting with her childhood as an Empath Indigo child and getting psychic visions as early as 5 years old, her personal experience with mental health illnesses and dealing with toxic, abusive relationships for 30 plus years gave her the passion to do the same for others and find a life of freedom and joy.  


     She left her 9-year career in Event logistics and risked everything to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur and pioneering her way to actively be involved in helping others to discover their unique gifts and talents, directing people to their life’s purpose and changing the structure and function of society to a healthy, connected and joyful Utopia. 

     Josslyn has also completed three long term water fasts, her first one being 33 days, her second 21 days, and her third 18 days.  Her experimentation with this has provided a deeper connection to her intuition which enables her to tap in deeply to her clients and has opened up the ability for her to have medical intuitive abilities.  Josslyn is an alkaline vegan and uses her knowledge of herbs and an alkaline lifestyle to alchemize at the Quantum Level.

     Josslyn has a passion for combining science and spirituality and now uses her Psychic Gifts and Extrasensory Abilities to read chemical blueprints and templates in people and performs Psychic Tarot Readings, Spiritual Coaching and Holistic Healing & Cleansing techniques to erase karmic patterns passed down through DNA and cellular structures.  She teaches classes on a combination of fields of study including Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology and Biology to explain how Law of Attraction really works and how this can explain why humans experience pain and how our society is structured in the very specific way it is.  She is currently writing a book on the Science of the Awakening Process, posts consistently on her YouTube channel and can also be found via Instagram under Josslyn K. Blackwell.

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